As Flutter evolves from being primarily focused on mobile device development to include desktop and the web, it’s increasingly important to test your widgets on all possible platforms.

Flutter makes it easy to check which platform you code is running on using and then checking that against the

A few weeks ago I wrote a couple of Medium articles. One about Dart Isolates and the fact that they really are threads and the other was about generating Apple’s client_secret for signin with Apple. What I was really working on was this end-to-end OAuth2 demonstrator and the code for…

One of the first things you have to do for virtually any new app is some form of authentication. For many, that means supporting one of the social network authentication systems. This is the “Signin with <pick your provider>”. When I started looking at this with Dart/Flutter, I ran into…

I’m writing an API server in all-Dart. I setup multiple isolatesso that my server would scale on the Mac Mini it’s running on (2018 6-core, 12 threads, 3.2Ghz, Intel i7). …

Martin Fink

Retired geek having fun

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